Fleet Management

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Fleet Management

Vehicle safety is a vital part in road traffic safety. Your vehicles are computers on wheels generating massive amounts of data. Intellhydro vehicle-mounted computer C60 helps you collect and handle these data in order to improve on-road safety.

Based on Android system, Intellhydro C60 collects driving data by fingerprint scanner, HF RFID reader, OBD module, GPS, external camera and monitoring sensor, and transmits the data wirelessly to the backend server for real-time monitoring and future analysis. 

C60 identifies drivers and passengers by scanning their fingerprints or IC cards, or recognizing their faces with the help of an external camera and a face recognition app. That provides new possibilities for enhancing vehicle security. 

Real-time collection and transmission of OBD data, including speed, fuel consumption and RPM, etc., to the back-end server, enables both drivers and fleet managers to be informed of malfunctions, or dangerous driving behaviors. 

Accurate GPS provides accurate information of a vehicle’s location, estimated time of arrival and the best route. Geo-fences ensure a driver to drive with following the designed route. If a vehicle deviates from the route, C60 will send an alert to the backend server.

You can also connect C60 with cameras to guard personnel safety and cargo security. Administrators have real-time viewing of vehicles via wireless connectivity. Any dangerous behaviors or intentional violations will be supervised. If accidents occur, those video feeds can be replayed as evidence. 

Other value-added services include providing passengers with Wi-Fi hotspot, and showing them region-based advertisements based on GPS coordinates. In case of emergency, drivers or passengers can press the emergency button to send SOS message to the backend server, which enhances transport safety. 

These capabilities empower C60 to be applied in almost all kinds of vehicles, including school bus, transit bus, taxi, touring coach, freight truck and dangerous goods truck. Overall functions and the ability to connect external devices meet your actual needs in order to realize an efficient fleet management.

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