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As meters (electricity, water, natural gas) are located throughout a wide geographical area (either indoors or outdoors), the workload is heavy and efficiency is low when meter reading personnel knock on each resident’s door and enter their house for data collection. Errors often happen because of misidentifying a given meter or wrong transcript. Those paper records are not easy for saving and not convenient for future inquiry. What’s more, the administration center can't be informed of the problems founded immediately during inspection. A delayed reaction to a sudden abnormal situation may cause catastrophic losses. Besides, effective supervision and management for meter reading personnel can't be achieved.

Facing so many challenges, now more and more energy companies are piloting Intellhydro’s RFID or Infrared solution designed for meter collection, facility inspection and staff performance assessment. Intelligent meter readers eliminate manual recording and data input, decreasing chances for human errors. They can also handle a flood of data every day, making sure all data are accurately collected. In the meantime, automatic billing can be realized once the consumption details are uploaded to the central database. During daily inspection, field workers only need to carry a portable and rugged mobile computer with them to receive daily assignments or report breakdowns.

Meter Reading

Intellhydro PDA integrated with the custom-made functions modules including barcode scanning, RFID (LF/HF/UHF), infrared, Wi-Fi, camera or GPS to realize automatic meter reading, solving problems caused by manual reading and recording. Also the backend system accomplished seamless connection to the group's ERP system, so the collected data can be transmitted in real time via wireless communication technologies. In this way, work efficiency and accuracy can be greatly improved.

Routine Inspection

The solution is available for the government or other private companies as well, to help them conduct routine inspections, pinpoint each facility’s location, and track their employees for performance assessment. After the deployment of Intellhydro mobile computers, we see a rise in working efficiency and accuracy, management level and enterprise profits.

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