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With frequent occuring of food safety problems and increasing requirements for higher living quality nowadays, more attention has been paid to food safety, especially to animal food. Many farm managers still routinely use traditional technologies, such as branding, barcodes, and tattoos. As the owner or manager of a livestock farm, it is important to stay up-to-date on what is occurring in the industry for strategic management of the business. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a better solution in this case, enabling livestock identification and tracking services to enhance customer confidence.

The application of electronic animal ID technologies is a growing trend in the livestock industry and plays an important role in food safety supervision and inspection. Intellhydro intelligent solution integrating PDA, barcode, RFID and network technologies can help record and manage information throughout processes from animal feeding, slaughter, processing, and transportation to sales. It helps build an efficient system of animal management that provides animal food with a complete "from-table-to-farm" traceability. The solution provides a standard and efficient system to protect animal farms from disease outbreaks.

Farm Management

Each animal is attached with a RFID tag on the ear or foot at the time when it was born. Since then the breeder can use Intellhydro handheld devices to continually set, collect, and store information during animal growth. Information about animals can be recorded throughout the entire growth process from birth to slaughter. These electronic records ease off farm workloads, improve feeding accuracy and eliminated paper-based manual operations.

Process Supervision

During processes of market supervision, regulatory authorities require all trays/packages and price tags have RFID tags inside. Detailed records like origin, name, type, grade, and price are all written into the electronic tags. All information can be obtained through the background database so that the whole process is under supervision. In addition, it is possible to recall meat immediately to avoid or minimize the harm to the public once security problems are found. Intellhydro integrated solution provides animal food traceability from production, processing, transportation to points of sales.

Delivery Management

To ensure full traceability, trays or boxes contained with fresh meat are equipped with RFID tags before transportation. Then they are delivered to the designated supermarket or points of sale along a predetermined route. GPS can realize real-time monitoring of fleet locations. When they arrive at delivery destination, just wave the PDA to read RFID tags to confirm receipt. Intellhydro solution is here to achieve real-time tracking and monitoring during animal food delivery, improving work efficiency of distribution and receipt.

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