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With the rapid expansion of global economy, nowadays banks generate substantial cash flow both in its bank vault and between its outlets every day. Frequent financial escort brings challenges to financial institutes in processes of cashbox identification and tracking, and identity verification of cashbox escort personnel. Traditional manual operations are laborious, inefficient, inconvenient and inaccurate. At the same time this is accompanied by frequent crimes committed in financial field where bank vault and bank cashboxes bear the brunt, endangering financial security and social stability. At this point, to choose a bank-specific barcode scanner or RFID reader with reliable performance is essential.

Intellhydro handheld devices with barcode scanning, RFID reading and writing, GPS positioning, wireless communication technologies, fluent Android operating system, powerful battery life as well as large storage capacity are perfect to meet the demand for financial escort management. The bank can track where its cashboxes are, who has its cashboxes, and when its cashboxes are due for arrival.

Cashbox Management 

Each cashbox first is equipped with a barcode or a RFID tag that each contains unique electronic information. By an easy wave, the unique information can be read and verified. Cashbox identification then becomes more convenient and efficient. Information added on a PDA can be automatically transmitted to the backend database, enabling convenient and accurate tracking of movement of bank cashboxes. The administrators can also have real-time monitoring of cashbox handover and movement.

Identity Verification of Escort Personnel

Escort personnel who are given a mobile computer need to enter a username and password to get permission. The fingerprint of escort personnel is also recoded or each is equipped with a unique RFID tag. Put their fingers on the PDA or use PDA to scan their tags to verify their identity. It ensures secure and smooth handover; deals with the emergency during the escort.

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