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Palm oil production is vital for the economy of Malaysia, which is the world's second-largest producer of the commodity after Indonesia. As the scale of palm plantation is large as well as the number of hired laborers is huge, traditional manual time and attendance management often results in many problems, like employees taking long lunch breaks without clocking out, clocking in but never coming to work, or they calling their buddies to punch for them. Time and attendance tracking has become the hardest and costliest part of operating the palm garden.


The Palm Garden is a large open working area, making the management of workers much more difficult.

As they almost come to or get off work in the same time period, manual clocking-in and clocking-out wasted a lot of time.

A large number of the employees are paid hourly, making it complex to record their working hours.

There is no automatic system other than a paper time sheet where the employees would put in their start times, and their meal breaks. When the HR do payroll each month, they spend a lot of time tracking down time sheets, some of which they couldn't even read.

The department decided to implement our mobile PDAs with fingerprint recognition and 2D barcode scanning functions to realize intelligent time and attendance. Each worker's fingerprint is first recorded and stored to the database. After this initial enrollment, every time the employee places his or her finger on the scanner, the fingerprint is compared with the stored data. Unique fingerprint information thoroughly eliminated buddy punch. It can at the same time track employees' arrival and departure time, lunch, breaks, overtime, holidays, as well as absences. This solution reduces inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking, and provides the HR department with accurate and comprehensive information to review employee attendance. It provides great convenience for the HR to do payroll and performance assessment.


Gone are the days of employees using paper time sheets or traditional punch clocks to record when they start and end their days. This automatic attendance system ensures that workers are present to fulfill their duty.

Wireless transmission technology eliminates manual recording and re-typing information on a fixed computer. Productivity and accuracy has been enhanced.

With great portability and mobility, attendance is not subject to location constraints.

It minimizes payroll processing time and eliminates payroll errors. Employees have no doubt about the accuracy of their paychecks so that their working enthusiasm has been inspired.

PDA Configuration
P/N: W3
Functions: 2D, Fingerprint, GPRS, Wi-Fi

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