Animal Management

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The Thai farm has numerous animals to be raised. It's essential to strengthen the management of animals. That means animal breeders need to keep abreast of animals' real-time growth conditions, conduct regular physical examination to ensure their health. With the help of our team, it is able to introduce an intelligent RFID system to head for a more comprehensive, efficient and convenient animal management.


Manual operations to record animal feeding information is of low efficiency and high probability of error.

Paper records are not easy to save. It is also time-consuming to find out animal information required.

It is extremely inconvenient to share animal information with others.

Identifying each animal by eyes is time-consuming and error-prone. Fox example, it is hard to tell which had been given vaccine and which not without an electronic unique tag.

Each animal is attached with a unique RFID tag, just like human's ID card, passport or driving license. When it comes to data capture, just use a handheld terminal to scan the tag, and then input key information. These key animal information can be easily recorded and transmitted to the database system through 3G network. When it comes to information inquiry, simply wave the handheld computer to scan animal tags to quickly extract all information, including birth date, physical condition, breeder information, etc.


It improves the efficiency of animal information collection, and reduces error rate;

Large storage space allows a mass of data to be saved, so that administrators can get any historical data they want;

Breeders can easily scan the electronic tags to obtain animal DNA, blood type, place of birth and other related information, which facilitates the farm's overall monitoring of animals.

PDA Configuration
P/N: M7
Functions: 1D, LF RFID, 3G

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